Momentum Killers

6/12/2022 - 1/14/2024

How many of you have seen a sporting event where one team had everything going their way UNTIL… Many of you have been in a relationship where everything was going great UNTIL… or on a road trip where everything was perfect UNTIL… Your walk with Christ is no different. You can for months be gaining momentum until that one week, change, or mistake seemingly kill all your momentum. This summer we are looking at the momentum killers in your Christian walk that not only kill the momentum in your pursuit of Christ, but also can kill the momentum in your Church’s pursuit as well.

In This Series

  1. Momentum Killers - Greed
  2. Momentum Killers - Deadly Dishonor
  3. Momentum Killers - Indifference
  4. Momentum Killers - Failure to Launch
  5. Momentum Killers - Gossip