March to the Cross

2/13/2022 - 2/29/2024

What is the real cost of redemption? Is it good work, a change of behavior, a promise of future improvement? Jesus' life was lived for the singular mission of purchasing this for humanity. Jesus' life was about his Fathers business, executing a plan that had been prophesied 1000’s of years in advance, and finishing what was required to release those condemned by a righteous good law that they could not keep. It was Jesus' sole mission to take sinful humanity's plight on his shoulders and offer grace, mercy, and forgiveness to whosoever would turn in faith for salvation to him and the place this all happened down a road, up a hill, and on a cross.

In This Series

  1. Radical Love / Radical Service
  2. The Way, The Truth & The Life
  3. We Are Going to Need Help
  4. Abide in Me
  5. Unrelenting Unity
  6. Good Suffering?
  7. Great Intentions Significant Limitations
  8. We Go Free Like Barabbas
  9. The Final March
  10. The Road of Doubt - Easter 2022