Ruth: Fearful times, faithful God

4/24/2022 - 9/30/2024

Everyone who has lived on earth long has faced the uncertainty that comes when life falls apart. Numerous questions flood our minds in these life moments. Where is God? Is God real? Does God care? Is God good? This book opens with famine, failure, and funerals, but ends with restoration, hope, and new life. The book of Ruth shows the good work and beauty of God at rock bottom. Join us as we discover the God who in fearful times is faithful.

In This Series

  1. For good to start, bad must end.
  2. After the Funeral
  3. Marry, Date, or Dump - Part 1
  4. Marry, Date, or Dump - Part 2
  5. Good Intentions, Bad Advice
  6. Good Endings