Live life in circles and see life change happen.

Why should you join a 4 Group? Because we all need a group to believe on our behalf and a place to confess and believe for healing.

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If you’re ready to find the group that's right for you, click the button below! We have groups for all people, no matter what stage of life you're in.

"To us, 4 Points means excitement. We have never been as excited as we are now to get up on Sunday mornings and go to church. 4 Points isn’t just about going to church- it’s about getting to be with a huge family that loves you and God like crazy."

Ronda Young

"Before attending Freedom Group, I actually had been a 4 Pointer for about a year, but I didn't really find my place. With Freedom Group, I found my place and found a family I connected with."

Ashley Williams

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Do you want to facilitate a 4 Group? Do you feel called to lead others? Sign up to host a group! God is changing this community through commitments like yours to reach the least, the lost, and the lonely.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that true community happens in circles throughout the week, not just in rows on Sunday. The relationships you will form in your group will be the ones you lean on as you walk through life. We know you can't do life alone!

You can expect a relaxed atmosphere where people are real. You won't just discuss theory -- you will learn to put your faith into action! Our average group size is anywhere from 5-15 people, and they are all there for two main things: to live life in circles and see life change happen as a result!

Come prepared both to receive and to give! Every group member has things to learn and things to offer other people. Come ready to share what you're learning in your own journey and to celebrate what others in your group are learning, too.

Once you sign up, you will be contacted by the host of that group. When they reach out, they will let you know the specific details for the next meeting. If you sign up for a group and do not hear back from anyone, please email us at leah@4points.org

Conversation Resources

Want to make the most out of this week's message? Grab some friends or family and talk about it! Click the link below to access our Conversation Resources!